CERN Jobs on the road in 2017 - somewhere near you?

A large box filled to the brim with CERN Jobs flyers, bookmarks, pens, badges and other goodies is sitting on my desk, ready for shipment. 
The exhibition stand is encased in bubble wrap, ready for its flight abroad. 
All set…. For one of our many outreach actions of 2017!
Every year we hire hundreds of students, graduates and professionals at CERN to join this fantastic Organization & take part in the unique voyage towards understanding the fundamental nature of the universe. Although people usually and naturally associate CERN with physics and physicists, what is less known is that the majority of our hires span a huge range of technical and engineering disciplines.
We cast our net wide across our 22 Member States to showcase what a great Organization CERN is and incite candidates to apply, via job portals, social media, professional media and various other means. One key way to reach people, to be visible and give the incentive to seize the opportunity and apply is for us to come to you, to go outside of CERN and for outreach activities, attending career fairs, university talks and other events to tell students, graduates and professionals just how great it is to work here and to give out outreach material to spread the word.
So in 2017, where will we be? We started in Norway in January and will be continuing in the U.K., Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and who knows where else the road may take us? Perhaps somewhere near you?
In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Glassdoor and check out our wealth of information on our website.
Take part!