New year resolutions?

Resolution: ‘A firm decision whether or not to do something’, so says the dictionary. This word is a very common in the new year language, as we each take stock of another year past and what we intend to make of the fresh start a 1st of January represents. Embarking on a new fitness regime? Making more time for others? Working less, having more me-time? For many, it can also signify a new career start. And this is where CERN may come in at the right time for you: as the Organization looks back on a rich and fruitful 2016 and looks ahead to more exciting challenges for 2017, it continues to offer plentiful opportunities for students, graduates and professionals alike in many different domains. So take a few moments, cup of tea/coffee/beverage of choice in hand to browse our webpages to find out more about CERN, what opportunities could suit your profile, and read up on the multiple reasons why working at CERN is so unique.

Challenge, Purpose, Imagination, Collaboration and Quality of Life. How’s that for a combination of motivational factors encapsulated in CERN’s brand?

Whatever resolutions you are pondering, make sure CERN features on your career aspirations wishlist and take part!
Happy new year from the HR-TA team!