A technical or admin studentship like nowhere else on earth!

“Excellent programme, definitely an eye opening experience!”; “I can say without hesitation that technical student programme contributed to both my personal and professional growth.”; “I felt welcomed and challenged in a positive way at CERN. I want to return.”

These are but a few of the many quotes of happy students who have taken part in CERN’s Technical and Administrative student programme.

There’s no better way to learn than ‘on-the-job’: CERN Technical and Administrative student programmes are a unique opportunity for students to experience work in a place like nowhere else on earth, at the cutting edge of technology where challenge, purpose, imagination, collaboration and quality of life collide to make for the experience of a life time.

Celine and Eszter are the coordinators of the technical and administrative student programmes at CERN, “Techs” and “Admins” for short. Today the programmes count respectively 196 technical students spanning 23 nationalities and 42 administrative students spanning 15 nationalities. Every year, CERN welcomes 200 new students who stay on average one year as part of their studies. As you can tell from the nationalities represented on these studentships, one of CERN’s core values, Diversity, is a defining criterion which makes the programme even richer for those taking part.

Celine and Eszter are the programme points of reference, processing the 1000s applications received each year, maintaining contact with all candidates and selected students, ensuring timely information, support, advice and a warm welcome is provided for all.

Once selected, students are welcomed on their first day as part of a global induction programme in the CERN Globe of Science, where all new staff, fellows, associates, students gather together to be given the essential information to get started at CERN.

Celine and Eszter follow this up for Techs and Admins a week later for a tailor-made, personal welcome around coffee and croissants in true French/Swiss style. There is so much information to digest that this occasion is an opportunity to find out more about formalities, practical information, safety aspects, social activities, clubs and more, but more so to make contact, and get to know other students. Mindful that this studentship is often the first time abroad for many, in a new country, far from family and friends and customary environment, Celine and Eszter have set up a ‘buddy up’ programme whereby students team up with another student already at CERN, for support and advice when/if needed but also to create a dynamic and fruitful network. This is a real highlight, appreciated by all, as it encourages new connections, ideas, social opportunities and lasting friendships!

Celine and Eszter feel privileged to meet so many inspiring and motivated students, who will in turn become ambassadors to attract the Techs and Admins of tomorrow!

Celine says:

‘Meeting these students, every month, with stars in their eyes, is amazing. We see them growing all along their internship, planning their future, this is why we are trying our best to improve the programme. We are implementing new ideas from a committee to another. It’s really important for us to have the feedbacks of our students: it’s a team work. We learn from them.’

And Eszter: "Working on this programme is an amazing opportunity, not just because we see the students how they grow, but also because I feel I grow with them. As an administrative student I look at the programme from the student point of view. Giving the warmest welcome, help and support during the stay is my objective! I think I can talk in both of our name (Celine and me) when I say - we don't want our students to gain only work experience here (which is much needed these days) but much more, a real life experience & joy. As a student, I must say CERN is a wonderful workplace full of opportunities and this is a message I would like to pass along:

Enjoy your work project, the people here, our clubs and this truly unique area! I think I made the most out of my stay, and I really hope with all my heart that you will do so too! "

Are you interested in taking part? Don’t hesitate and apply now! The technical and administrative student programmes are open for applications (closing date 16th October for committee in December).