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Electrical and Automation Technician

Are you a versatile technician, interested in combining electrical field work with maintenance and operation of control systems? Join the Alarm Systems Section and be responsible for Safety Alarm Transmission Systems maintenance, operation and small works, in all CERN sites. We challenge you to propose smart and robust solutions for our systems. 

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Open from 26/06/2017 to 29/08/2017
Open from 21/06/2017 to 06/08/2017
Open from 20/06/2017 to 03/08/2017
Open from 16/06/2017 to 24/08/2017
Open from 16/06/2017 to 20/08/2017

Closing Dates for Programmes

16-OCT-2017 (23:59 CET). Selection Committee 05-DEC-2017
see General CERN Doctoral Student Programme
16-OCT-2017 (23:59 CET). Selection Committee 05-DEC-2017
04-SEP-17 23:59 CET (for Selection Committee 21-NOV-17)
16-OCT-2017 (23:59 CET). Selection Committee 05-DEC-2017
This programme will reopen for applications soon.

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