Working abroad

As an international organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, CERN offers the opportunity to work abroad within the world wide collaboration of the laboratory.

To give you an idea, here is the list of upcoming conferences and workshops to which CERN is participating in in the coming 2 months.

Conferences and Workshops

Date Event Location
30/03/2017 to 31/03/2017
Taming Unphysical Scales for Physical Predictions Emmanuel College, Cambridge
30/03/2017 Budapest Meeting Preparation #4 Vidyo
01/04/2017 MasterClasses 2017 - ALICE - Warsaw, Poland Wydział Fizyki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
03/04/2017 to 07/04/2017
XeSAT 2017 - The International Conference on Science, Application, and Technology of Xenon Radiation Detectors Pullman Raja Orchid Hotel, Khon Kaen, Thailand
03/04/2017 to 07/04/2017
25th International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering and Related Topics University of Birmingham
03/04/2017 to 06/04/2017
DM@LHC 2017
05/04/2017 to 08/04/2017
New Physics Interpretations at the LHC 2 Argonne National Laboratory
06/04/2017 to 09/04/2017
HEP-2017 : Conference on Recent Developments in High Energy Physics and Cosmology 6-9 April, Ioannina, Greece
07/04/2017 EuPRAXIA - 5th Steering Committee Meeting DESY
07/04/2017 IOP Particle Accelerators and Beams Group Annual Meeting Other Institutes
07/04/2017 HEPiX Benchmarking Working Group CERN
08/04/2017 International Advisory Committee meeting CERN
12/04/2017 HEPiX IPv6 working group meeting Vidyo
17/04/2017 to 22/04/2017
ALPS2017 -- an Alpine LHC Physics Summit UZ Obergurgl
18/04/2017 to 21/04/2017
Portorož 2017: New physics at the junction of flavor and collider phenomenology
21/04/2017 HEPiX Benchmarking Working Group CERN
24/04/2017 to 28/04/2017
Progress on Old and New Themes in cosmology (PONT) 2017 Palais des Papes, Avignon
24/04/2017 to 28/04/2017
HEPiX Spring 2017 Workshop Hungarian Academy of Sciences
24/04/2017 to 28/04/2017
XLV International Meeting on Fundamental Physics University of Granada
24/04/2017 to 26/04/2017
Solar Energetic Particles (SEP), Solar Modulation and Space Radiation: New Opportunities in the AMS-02 Era #2 Other Institutes
25/04/2017 to 28/04/2017
ANAR2017: Advanced and Novel Accelerators for High Energy Physics Roadmap Workshop 2017 CERN
02/05/2017 to 05/05/2017
Standard Model at the LHC 2017 Nikhef
05/05/2017 HEPiX Benchmarking Working Group CERN
05/05/2017 International Advisory Committee meeting CERN
07/05/2017 to 13/05/2017
Excited QCD 2017 Sintra, Portugal
08/05/2017 to 09/05/2017
France-Japan workshop on physics analysis in the ALICE experiment Other Institutes
08/05/2017 to 10/05/2017
Phenomenology 2017 Symposium University of Pittsburgh
09/05/2017 to 11/05/2017
ISOLDE Nuclear Astrophysics School CERN
10/05/2017 to 12/05/2017
Helsinki JetMET workshop: physics at 100 fb-1 University of Helsinki, Kumpula campus
11/05/2017 to 14/05/2017
MC4BSM 2017 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory