Working abroad

As an international organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, CERN offers the opportunity to work abroad within the world wide collaboration of the laboratory.

To give you an idea, here is the list of upcoming conferences and workshops to which CERN is participating in in the coming 2 months.

Conferences and Workshops

Date Event Location
12/03/2018 to 13/03/2018 Topical Workshop on Facility Design Optimization for Treatment PSI
12/03/2018 to 16/03/2018 LEAP 2018 - Low Energy Antiproton Conference Paris (France)
12/03/2018 to 15/03/2018 Octave Conference 2018 CERN
18/03/2018 to 23/03/2018 XIV Hadron Physics 2018 Florianopolis, Brazil
19/03/2018 to 21/03/2018 IWHSS 2018 - International Workshop on Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy Bonn, Campus Poppelsdorf
19/03/2018 to 22/03/2018 2018 University of Sonora School of High Energy Physics Universidad de Sonora, Departamento de Investigación en Física
19/03/2018 to 22/03/2018 SCET Workshop 2018 University of Amsterdam
20/03/2018 to 22/03/2018 Connecting The Dots 2018 University of Washington Seattle
21/03/2018 Infor EAM User Group Meetings - DACH and Research Organisations CERN
21/03/2018 to 23/03/2018 Advances in High Energy Physics and Cosmology University of Southampton
23/03/2018 HEPiX Benchmarking Working Group CERN