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Open from 21/04/2017 to 28/05/2017

Are you interested in taking control of the world's most powerful hadron collider? CERN, take part!

Open from 06/04/2017 to 19/06/2017

Physicist (Experimental Physics) in the Experimental Physics Department.

Open from 04/04/2017 to 02/05/2017

Are you an electronics engineer passionate about microelectronics, designing and testing systems?  Come and join us and experience a unique opportunity to work with leaders in your field in the largest particle physics project in the world.  CERN, take part!

Open from 04/04/2017 to 14/05/2017

Are you an Accelerator Physicist with experience in accelerator and beam dynamics, and, in particular, beam cooling techniques, combining academic excellence and technical coordination skills? Are you interested in taking an active role in the commissioning and operation of existing and future accelerators? Work at the heart of beam physics and operation, at the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. CERN, take part!

Open from 30/03/2017 to 04/09/2017

Have you taken time out for personal reasons from your career in science or engineering? Would you be interested in returning to work if you could?
CERN has launched a programme to offer full-time or part-time Fellowships to science and engineering graduates wishing to re-start their careers. This is an outstanding chance for you to update your knowledge and skills working for up to three years in an international environment at the forefront of research.

Open from 21/03/2017 to 02/05/2017

Are you fascinated by the operation of the world's largest accelerator complex? Are you also interested in further improving the reliable operation of the LHC with the actual 300 MJ beams, the other existing CERN accelerators and in optimizing the availability of LHC and future accelerators? CERN, Take Part!

Open from 19/03/2017 to 15/10/2017

If you are looking for a postdoc postion in Theoretical Physics, and if you are not a national of a CERN member state (, this job may be for you.
Deadline for application : 15 October 2017 (23h59 CET)

Open from 16/03/2017 to 14/09/2017

Scientific Associateships are open to established scientists wishing to work at CERN for up to one year while on leave of absence from their home institutes. Les contrats d'attachés scientifiques sont ouverts aux physiciens ou ingénieurs confirmés ayant le désir de travailler au CERN pour durée limitée (jusqu'à une année) en détachement de leur institut d'origine.

Open from 16/03/2017 to 04/09/2017

Have you recently graduated from university or an advanced technical institute? Are you interested in working for one or two years in an international environment at the forefront of research? In which case, you may be interested in CERN's Fellowship Programme. Within the Fellowship Programme, we have integrated a Graduate Engineering Training (GET) scheme for engineering graduates who are looking for professional experience in a wide range of engineering and technical fields.

Open from 09/03/2017 to 31/12/2017

Appointments outside of AFC. Usually on external funds and approved by Chairman.

Open from 04/10/2016 to 31/12/2017

Are you an undergraduate student in a technical or administrative field looking for a short practical training period (less than 6 months)?
Etes-vous un étudiant de l'enseignement supérieur dans un domaine technique ou administratif qui cherche un stage de courte durée (moins de 6 mois)?