CERN openlab Summer Student Programme

Deadline to submit applications: 
28-FEB-2016 (23:59 CET)

Are you a B.Sc. or M.Sc. student (who will have completed at least three years of full-time studies at university level by next spring) in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or Physics, interested in working on advanced IT projects for two full months during the summer? 

During two full months corresponding to nine weeks (June-September 2016), the CERN openlab summer students will be given a series of IT lectures especially prepared for them by experts at CERN. The students also have the opportunity to attend the CERN generic student programme lectures. Visits to the accelerators and experimental areas are part of the programme, as well as external visits. A report on the work project carried out is to be handed in at the end of the stay. For more information on the CERN openlab Summer Student Programme, please visit the homepage.

  • You must be a Bachelor or Master student in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics or Engineering.
  • You have completed, by summer 2016, at least three years of full-time studies at university level.
  • You will remain registered as a student during your stay at CERN. If you expect to graduate during summer 2016, you are also eligible to apply.
  • You have not worked at CERN before with any other status (Technical Student, Trainee, User...) for more than 3 months.
  • A good knowledge of English is mandatory; knowledge of French would be an advantage. 
  • An allowance of 90 CHF per day during your contractual dates
  • Travel allowance (on a lump sum basis)
  • Health insurance Scheme during your stay
  • Report to be written by the end of stay
  • Short presentation to be given during one dedicated  session in the IT department
  • Attendance at visits inside and outside the laboratory
  • We will assist you in finding accommodation on the CERN site or nearby

Possible dates of stay are:

  • 20 June to 19 August 2016
  • 27 June to 26 August 2016
  • 4 July to 2 September 2016

Please apply online before the February deadline. Once your application has been submitted you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The following documents MUST reach us before the deadline in order for your application to be considered.

Required Documents

  • CV
  • At least one recommendation letter by university supervisor(s)
  • A motivation letter with an indication of the preferred area of work
  • Proof of enrolment at a university for the current year

Incomplete applications will not be considered. The students are welcome to upload other relevant document(s) (e.g. academic records).

Once the applications are completed, the selection process begins. Applications are considered by the CERN openlab Summer Student Programme Comittee and by the future supervisors of the students.
The results of the selection procedure will be made available to the students by the end of April 2016.


The job is closed for applications.