Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

As a recent graduate from university or advanced technical institute, you’re no doubt looking for the chance to make your mark. Here it is: we want lively and enquiring minds with a heightened sense of curiosity to take part in projects of advanced development work, in a broad range of applied science and engineering fields.

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions at CERN train young researchers across Europe, building the careers of tomorrow’s leaders in research and industry.

In addition to the attractive employment conditions (see below), Marie Sklodowska-Curie researchers have access to a generous training allowance.

  • As a candidate for an Early Stage Researcher position, you have completed the university degree which gives you access to a doctoral programme of study in your country.
  • As a candidate for an Experienced Researcher position, you have a PhD or between 4 and 5 years of research experience following the university degree which would give you access to a doctoral programme of study in your country
  • For both the Early Stage Researcher and Experienced Researcher positions, your research experience cannot be more than 5 years, including the duration of PhD studies.
  • To be a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at CERN, you can have been at CERN for up to 12 months but not more!
  • If you are an Experienced Researcher, you can also apply to the European Commission for funding as an individual fellow to come to CERN. Applications take place once a year in August / September; for specific submissiond dates, please see the EU Research Participant Portal

For COFUND fellowships via the CERN Fellowship Programme, please see the Fellowship Programme page

  • Stipend starts at 4465 CHF per month and is net of internal taxation. 
  • Travel expenses at the beginning and end of their contract (depending on individual circumstances).
  • Installation indemnity (depending on individual circumstances).
  • Family allowance, child allowance, infant allowance (depending on individual circumstances).
  • The maximum duration of contract for an Early Stage Researcher (ITN) is 3 years, and 2 years for an Experienced Researcher (on an Individual Fellowship). 
  • Pension Fund membership (contribution automatically deducted from stipend).
  • Membership of the Health Insurance scheme (contribution automatically deducted from stipend).
  • 40-hour working week.
  • 2.5 days paid annual leave per month.
  • CERN housing service helps finding local accommodation; visa service; social affairs service.

Your application should include:

  • a completed electronic application form;
  • your Curriculum Vitae;
  • a list of publications if relevant (for collaborations, please indicate simply the number of publications and only provide details of the most important ones);
  • a copy of your last (highest) qualification;
  • a short cover letter to explain why you would like to be a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow;
  • two letters of recommendation to give as broad as possible an overview of your academic and/or professional achievements.

You should submit the application and ALL supporting documents using the e-recruitment system by the relevant deadline (CET time). Any supporting documents which are on paper, particularly reference letters, may be submitted in paper form. They will be attached by us to your electronic application.

Please be aware of deadlines and prepare necessary documents before applying!

Posts are opened on Marie Sklodowska-Curie projects as and when projects are approved for funding by the European Commission.

Selection will consider: ability to work in a multidisciplinary team; willingness to travel; communication in an international, inter-sectorial environment; and desire to broaden experience and skills through technical and complementary training.

Your application will be circulated to the Scientist in Charge of the project to which you are applying. There will be at least a phone/video interview and it is also possible that you be invited to CERN for interview to meet members of the project and so that you can see where you could be working.

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