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Are you a motivated technician in the field of electronics, with experience in the development of measurement instruments? Do you relish a challenge? Join CERN's Beam Instrumentation group, to work on beam intensity and position monitors. Take part!
Vous êtes un technicien en électronique motivé, avec une expérience dans le domaine du développement d'instruments de mesure ? Vous aimez relever des défis ? Rejoignez le groupe Instrumentation de faisceaux du CERN et travaillez sur les systèmes de surveillance de l'intensité et de la position des faisceaux.


Are you a qualified electrical engineering technician with experience in the operation, commissioning or maintenance of electrical systems? The Technology Department (TE), Electrical Power Converters (TE-EPC) group is looking for a power electronics technician to participate in the design, production follow-up, testing, commissioning and maintenance of high voltage and high power installations. Take part!


If you are an electronics technician, with experience in Commissioning, operation & maintenance of electronic systems, this could be an opportunity for you! Join the Technology Department (TE), Electrical Power Converters (TE-EPC) group to participate in the design, production follow-up, testing, commissioning and maintenance of high voltage and high power installations. Take part!


The EU-funded 7th Framework Programme has two main strategic objectives: to strengthen the scientific and technological base of European industry and to encourage its international competitiveness, while promoting research that supports EU policies.As part of this programme, initial training of researchers is being offered through Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN) which will improve their research skills and help them join established research teams. In parallel, complementary training will enhance their career prospects in both public and private sectors.


Are you a Software Engineer willing to take an active role in the development and support of the data services used by the CERN installations, operations, and maintenance teams to model, manage, and control the particle accelerators - driving the beams from the source to the LHC? Then join CERN and take part in one of the most incredible scientific experiments in the world!


CERN is much more than just physicists and physics. The GS department has an opening for a surveyor interested in managing assignments from groundwork through to final drawings. Not only you will  be able to work in the dynamic and international environment that is CERN, but you will get to use the latest surveying tools and to develop your skills in using geographical mapping software. Take Part!


Real-time control software is what allows CERN's particle accelerators to function. The ongoing digitalisation of the accelerator control systems provides many creative opportunities for improving the interface between the hardware in the ground and the operators running the machine. The Beams Department has an opening for a Software Engineer to design and develop control and diagnostics systems for radiofrequency applications, and to assume a key position in the running of the whole accelerator complex. Take Part!


Are you an organized, meticulous administrative assistant, with an eye for detail and a healthy team spirit ? Are you interested in a new challenge to develop these skills in an international scientific environment? Join CERN's Resources Planning, Processes and Controlling team. Take part!


Are you interested in crossing the boundary between high tech electronics and particle physics? The Physics Department at CERN is looking for an enthusiastic electronics engineer interested in creating the latest generation of optoelectronics for the LHC. If applied electronics is your passion and you are looking to work in a dynamic international environment, don't hesitate. Take Part!


Contribute your first class administrative support and customer service skills to a unique environment: join CERN's legal service. Take part!
Vous possédez des compétences de premier ordre dans le domaine de l'assistance administrative et du service client ? Mettez-les au service d'un environnement exceptionnel en intégrant le service juridique du CERN. Rejoignez-nous!


Electronics engineering at its best in a challenging, unusual context? If you are an experienced electronics engineer, interested in developing analogue and digital instrumentation, and in following the entire lifecycle of new products while at the same time developing and deepening your skills, join the instrumentation section of CERN's Radiation Protection group and make your mark on the Organization's Health and Safety objectives. Take Part!


Do you have international pension fund management experience at senior level? Are you able to lead and motivate a diverse team of people responsible for activities from investments to benefits and advice? Are you capable of developing and promoting a compelling vision and managing multiple strategic stakeholders? Then why not apply to become the next Chief Executive Officer of CERN's Pension Fund. Take part!


Contribute your electromechanical testing knowledge and expertise in a unique environment, where you will work alongside experts from all horizons at the cutting edge of magnet technology: join the Technology department at CERN to support the building, the preparation for operation and measurement of magnets and other devices being developed for a new magnet test station at CERN. Take part!


As a Material science / Mechanical Engineer in CERN's Engineering Department you'll have the opportunity to get involved in the whole lifecycle of mechanical production of complex components for CERN's particle accelerators and to become an expert in the field of vacuum brazing technologies. Come test yourself against a diverse range of production technologies, serving as the link between physics and mechanical production. Take Part!


Your HR competencies can contribute to great scientific developments! CERN is a unique organisation with ambitious research goals and has high expectations of its HR department. HR quality support and expertise are essential for carrying out scientific work. If you are looking for a role in Learning & Development in a multicultural environment, this challenge is for you. Take part!


You will be part of the Physics (PH) Department, which carries out basic research. This department aims at providing a stimulating scientific atmosphere and remains an important reference centre for the European physics community.


Have you recently graduated from university or an advanced technical institute? Are you interested in working for one or two years in an international environment at the forefront of research? In which case, you may be interested in CERN's VIA Programme. Vous êtes un(e) jeune diplômé(e) de l'enseignement supérieur (universitaire ou technique) qui souhaitez travailler pendant un ou deux ans dans un environnement international à la pointe de la recherche ? Peut-être que le programme des VIAs au CERN pourrait vous intéresser.


Are you well organised, with good interpersonal skills and knowledge of international mobility procedures? Would you like to put your skills to use serving a cosmopolitan population of people coming from many different countries by helping them to complete the various installation formalities? Join CERN's Logistics Section. Take part!


Are you a qualified and proactive occupational medicine doctor, willing to contribute to a unique work environment at the heart of one of the world's most complex and exciting scientific experiment?
Then, this opportunity is for you, join the largest particle physics research laboratory in the world: CERN. Take part!


Are you a skilled mechanical technician, experienced in machining, assembly and testing of complex mechanical components? Does the idea of participating in the development of mechanical detector components for the LHC, the largest particle physics experiment in the world, and providing support to physics experiments attract you?  Take part!


Getting your first job can be tough - employers want experience - but how do you get that experience? Imagine having an amazing 2 years at CERN of work-experience in a hi-tech organisation on your CV, plus an additional European language!
Obtenir son premier job peut être difficile - les employeurs demandent de l'expérience - mais comment l'acquérir? En postulant ici!
A la clef? 2 années d'expérience professionnelle dans un environnement hi-tech, avec une langue supplémentaire.


Are you an experienced professional firefighter? Would you like to work in an industrial setting? Does the idea of a new experience in a unique environment appeal to you? Then join an international team of highly trained firefighters at CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory! Take part!


As a Mechanical Fabrication Engineer in CERN's Engineering Department you'll have the opportunity to get involved in the whole lifecycle of mechanical production of components for CERN's particle accelerators. Come test yourself against a diverse range of production technologies, serving as the link between physics and mechanical production. Take Part! 


Have you taken time out for personal reasons from your career in science or engineering? Would you be interested in returning to work if you could?
CERN is piloting a programme to offer full-time or part-time Fellowships to science and engineering graduates wishing to re-start their careers. This is an outstanding chance for you to update your knowledge and skills working for up to three years in an international environment at the forefront of research.


Are you an undergraduate student of a CERN Member State nationality in an administrative field looking for a practical training period (between 2 months minimum and 12 months maximum)?
Êtes-vous étudiant(e) de nationalité d'un des Etats Membres du CERN dans un domaine administratif à la recherche d'un stage de courte durée (entre 2 mois minimum et 12 mois maximum)?
Deadline to submit application form: 31 October 2014 / Deadline to submit all required documents (see below): 5 November 2014  (23:59 CET)