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Open from 04/05/2016 to 01/06/2016

Are you a talented Web Developer, with a passion for delivering world class enterprise document management systems? Are you at ease with Java and JavaScript? Do you enjoy working on several layers of the technology stack? Then join a team of dynamic software developers and contribute to new application software for CERN's Corporate Information Systems. Take part!

Open from 04/05/2016 to 12/06/2016

Are you a digital electronics engineer, with proven skills in programmable logic design?  Have you mastered FPGAs, CPLDs, and are you looking to stretch yourself and take on a new challenge? Join CERN's Electrical Power Converter group and contribute to the converter controls electronics team in the design and realisation of the power converter controls electronics. Take part!

Open from 29/04/2016 to 31/05/2016

Are you a mechanical engineer, with experience in design, manufacturing and installation of mechanical systems and structures? Contribute your skills and experience to the preparation and the integration of a complex large-scale High Energy Physics (HEP) experiment installation in a unique environment hosting the world's largest particle accelerator. Take part!

Open from 29/04/2016 to 27/05/2016

Do you enjoy working in an international atmosphere? Are you customer oriented and reactive? Do you like interacting with different cultures? The Users' Office Service welcomes and assists CERN's guest scientists, the Users, coming from all over the world to accomplish great scientific achievements. Take your administrative skills to another dimension. Take part!

Open from 28/04/2016 to 29/05/2016

Do you want to join a new challenging project using cutting edge technologies? The ALICE experiment at the CERN LHC, having already collected tens of PB of physics data, is now preparing a major upgrade in order to increase by a factor 100 the statistics collected from 2021. A completely new computing system will have to handle a sustained input data throughput of up to 3 TB/s. Join the unique challenge of managing, evolving and upgrading all aspects of a distributed computing system.

Open from 28/04/2016 to 27/05/2016

Are you an experienced Mechanical or Electro-mechanical technical engineer? Are you attracted by the idea of working in a unique context at the heart of accelerators, integrating a motivating team of colleagues from different cultures and fields of expertise? Contribute your skills to support development of the superconducting magnets for the LHC and future accelerators. Take part!

Open from 26/04/2016 to 25/05/2016

Do you have experience as a logistics manager in the fields of storage and/or waste and would like to work in a technical field in an international environment? Do you pride yourself on providing efficient support services and performing diverse tasks for a variety of stakeholders? Make your know-how and expertise in the management of storage areas and waste count and play a role in the smooth running of the department responsible for site management and buildings at CERN, an organisation at the cutting edge of scientific research. Take Part!

Open from 22/04/2016 to 05/06/2016

Are you an Electronics engineer who is passionate about conceiving, designing and testing electronics for accelerators at the high energy and high intensity frontier? Take Part!

Open from 22/04/2016 to 05/06/2016

If you are a skilled Electronics engineer who is passionate about conceiving, designing and testing electronics for accelerators at the high energy and high intensity frontier, this opportunity might be your next exciting career step! Take Part!

Open from 22/04/2016 to 22/05/2016

Are you a skilled Graphic Designer, ready to build support for CERN and its missions? Would you like to generate public engagement in science and leave your mark in Design & Visual Identity Service of CERN? Take part!
Vous êtes un concepteur graphique qualifié et vous souhaitez mettre votre créativité au service du CERN et de ses missions? Vous souhaitez éveiller l'intérêt du public pour la science et apporter votre collaboration personnelle au service Conception et identité visuelle du CERN? Rejoignez-nous !

Open from 22/04/2016 to 22/05/2016

Are you a passionate engineer who is at ease with powerful high voltage equipment? Are you ready to become a key player in the design, development, production, installation and commissioning of some of the largest power converters in the world? Take part!

Open from 21/04/2016 to 25/05/2016

Are you up to become a key player in the design of test equipment for electronics boards ? Join CERN's Electrical Power Converters Group and leave your mark on the development of the electrical power systems that will make the future of the CERN accelerator. Take part!
Aimeriez-vous devenir un acteur clé dans la conception des équipements d'essai pour des cartes électroniques ? Rejoignez le groupe Convertisseurs de puissance électrique et laissez votre trace dans le futur de l'accélérateur de particules du CERN. Rejoignez-nous! 

Open from 19/04/2016 to 18/05/2016

Are you passionate about electronics design and real-time control system development? Are you skilled in digital electronics and embedded software design with good understanding of analogue electronics? Join a team of professionals and take this unique opportunity to participate from A to Z in the upgrade of LHC beam dumping system. Take part!

Open from 18/04/2016 to 16/05/2016

Are you interested in working with isotopes which are found nowhere else than at CERN?  Are you also interested in a unique variety of studies, second to none, in the development of unique target and ion source systems? Then join the Sources, Targets and Interactions Group at CERN. Take part!

Open from 18/04/2016 to 17/05/2016

Are you a skilled electronics engineer with experience in the design, realisation and evaluation of electronic measurement and acquisition systems, looking to take on a new challenge? Join the High Precision Measurements team of CERN's Electrical Power Converter group and participate in the development and evaluation of measurement devices and digitizers for CERN's accelerator complex power converters. Take part!

Open from 15/04/2016 to 15/05/2016

Are you an enthusiastic mechanical technician looking to acquire mechanical experience in a clean room environment whilst working on complex RF problematics? Take Part!
Vous êtes un technicien en mécanique motivé et vous souhaitez acquérir de l'expérience dans la mécanique en salle blanche, en travaillant sur des systèmes radiofréquence complexes ?  Rejoignez-nous !

Open from 13/04/2016 to 11/05/2016

Your HR competencies can contribute to great scientific developments! CERN is a unique organisation with ambitious research goals and has high expectations of its HR department. HR quality support is essential for carrying out scientific work. If you are looking for a diverse HR generalist role in a multicultural environment, this challenge is for you. Take part!

Open from 11/04/2016 to 16/05/2016

Are you an experienced PLM Support Engineer willing to work on a complex system? Are you interested in a career in an exciting international environment at the forefront of modern science? Then join us, and get involved in support and training, and contribute to the evolution of engineering data management tools used by thousands of users. CERN, Take Part!

Open from 09/04/2016 to 16/09/2016

Corresponding Associateships are open to scientists or engineers wishing to work at CERN for up to six months while on leave of absence from their home institutes which must be located in one of CERN's Member States (except Germany, France, Italy or the United Kingdom). Les contrats d'attachés correspondants sont ouverts aux physiciens ou ingénieurs ayant le désir de travailler au CERN pour durée limitée (jusqu'à six mois) en détachement de leur institut d'origine qui se situe impérativement dans un des Pays Membres du CERN (sauf l'Allemagne, la France, l'Italie ou le Royaume-Uni).

Open from 09/04/2016 to 16/09/2016

Scientific Associateships are open to established scientists wishing to work at CERN for up to one year while on leave of absence from their home institutes. Les contrats d'attachés scientifiques sont ouverts aux physiciens ou ingénieurs confirmés ayant le désir de travailler au CERN pour durée limitée (jusqu'à une année) en détachement de leur institut d'origine.

Open from 08/04/2016 to 05/09/2016

Have you recently graduated from university or an advanced technical institute? Are you interested in working for one or two years in an international environment at the forefront of research? In which case, you may be interested in CERN's Fellowship Programme. Within the Fellowship Programme, we have integrated a Graduate Engineering Training (GET) scheme for engineering graduates who are looking for professional experience in a wide range of engineering and technical fields.

Open from 08/04/2016 to 21/06/2016

Physicist (Experimental Physics) in the Physics Department

Open from 11/03/2016 to 15/05/2016

Help CERN scientists and engineers identify and facilitate new applications for technologies developed by scientists and engineers for CERN's accelerators and detectors, in cooperation with industry. Join CERN's Knowledge Transfer group and contribute to CERN's impact on society today. Take part!

Open from 02/03/2016 to 15/10/2016

If you are looking for a postdoc postion in Theoretical Physics, and if you are not a national of a CERN member state (, this job may be for you.
Deadline for application : 15 October 2016 (23h59 CET)

Open from 19/01/2016 to 15/07/2016

Are you currently enrolled or about to embark on a PhD in particle physics research (incl. computing for physics) in a Member State or Non-Member State University that is member of the CERN ATLAS collaboration (see list of universities at: ) and you are interested in carrying out your thesis within the ATLAS collaboration?
Deadline to submit applications incl. references: 15 July 2016