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Open from 29/03/2017 to 02/05/2017

Does the idea of developing the mission-critical computing infrastructure of the Accelerator complex at CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, and providing operational support, attract you? Become involved in the operation and evolution of the CERN accelerator computing infrastructure. CERN, take part!

Open from 29/03/2017 to 05/05/2017

Does the idea of developing the mission-critical computing hardware infrastructure of the Accelerator complex of CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, and providing operational support, attract you? Take charge of specification, configuration, asset management and operational support of the computing infrastructure. CERN, take part!

Open from 28/03/2017 to 24/04/2017

Are you a proactive and flexible Administrative Assistant, attracted by numbers, with a cooperative spirit and good software packages skills? Are you interested to collaborate on a range of administrative areas at Department level and to provide assistance to members of Personnel in a dynamic IT Department? Contribute with your skills to the IT Secretariat Team! CERN. Take part!

Open from 28/03/2017 to 14/04/2017

Are you an experienced professional firefighter/dispatcher? Would you like to work in an industrial setting? Does the idea of a new experience in a unique environment appeal to you?
Vous êtes sapeur-pompier professionnel ou opérateur en salle de contrôle ? Vous aimeriez travailler dans un cadre industriel ? L'idée de vivre une expérience nouvelle dans un environnement unique en son genre vous tente ?

Open from 28/03/2017 to 25/04/2017

As a Mechanical Technician for Fabrication Methods and Subcontracting in CERN's Engineering Department you'll have the opportunity to get involved in the whole lifecycle of mechanical fabrication of components and prototypes for CERN's particle accelerators. Come test yourself against a diverse range of production technologies, including high precision CNC machining, complex sheet metal working and welding. Put your experience in fabrication methods and construction at the service of science. Take Part!

Open from 27/03/2017 to 24/04/2017

Are you interested in joining a dynamic multi-national team of radiation protection specialists? Contribute your skills to our radiation protection work at the world's largest particle accelerator complex and its experimental facilities. CERN, Take Part!

Open from 24/03/2017 to 20/04/2017

Are you a professional fire and rescue officer with solid operational and managerial experience? This opportunity could be your next professional challenge! Come and join an international team of highly qualified firefighters at CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory! Take part!

Open from 23/03/2017 to 09/05/2017

Are you interested in designing handling machines for the experiments of CERN? Do not hesitate to join our design office team and get involved. Take part!
Vous avez envie de concevoir des appareils de manutention pour les expériences du CERN ? Venez renforcer l'équipe de notre bureau d'études. Rejoignez-nous !

Open from 23/03/2017 to 20/04/2017

Imagine joining the world's largest particle physics research laboratory. Imagine being part of an innovative, cutting-edge recruitment team, contributing your skills and experience to recruit excellence in all the fields needed for the success of the Organization. Are you ready for a challenge like nowhere else on earth? Join CERN. Take part!

Open from 22/03/2017 to 19/04/2017

Are you an electro-mechanical technician with experience in the assembly and operation of electro-mechanical systems and work coordination? Then seize the opportunity and join the Detector Technology group operating at the heart of CERN's Experimental Physics Department. Within our team, you will contribute to the development, construction and testing of leading-edge technical solutions for the next generation of particle detectors. Take part!

Open from 22/03/2017 to 19/04/2017

Are you an applied physicist who wishes to bring a new detector to life?  The LHCb experiment is about to construct and install a new silicon sub-detector as part of the upgrade programme.  Join our team and play a leading role in the integration and commissioning of this high rate, precision pixel detector, and be there when the first collision data arrives!

Open from 21/03/2017 to 02/05/2017

Are you fascinated by the operation of the world's largest accelerator complex? Are you also interested in further improving the reliable operation of the LHC with the actual 300 MJ beams, the other existing CERN accelerators and in optimizing the availability of LHC and future accelerators? CERN, Take Part!

Open from 21/03/2017 to 28/04/2017

Are you interested in participating and preparing exceptional handling operations inside CERN's accelerators and experiments? Join our team and help them out! Take part!
Vous avez envie de préparer et de réaliser des opérations de manutention exceptionnelles à l'intérieur des accélérateurs et des expériences du CERN ? Intégrez notre équipe et aidez-nous ! Rejoignez-nous !

Open from 21/03/2017 to 18/04/2017

Would you like to play a major role in the development of the new ITS and to work on construction of the Inner Barrel modules? Would you like to be part of the EP Departmental Silicon Facility and work in close collaboration with the facility team?  Then join the ALICE Detector Group. Take part!

Open from 21/03/2017 to 17/09/2017

Corresponding Associateships are open to scientists or engineers wishing to work at CERN for up to six months while on leave of absence from their home institutes which must be located in one of CERN's Member States (except Germany, France, Italy or the United Kingdom).

Open from 21/03/2017 to 18/04/2017

Are you interested in playing a central role in the preparation of infrastructure and tooling for the ALICE upgrade? Are you interested in the execution and supervision of detector upgrade installation activities? Then join the ALICE engineering team as a senior mechanical deisgner. Take part!

Open from 21/03/2017 to 18/04/2017

Are you a mechanical designer passionate in designing and integrating mechanical devices as well as large and complex installations? Do you have a sound background in mechanical design and knowledge of advanced materials?  Do you like the challenging environment provided by participating to the development of detector components and upgrades for the LHC, the largest particle physics project in the world?

Open from 20/03/2017 to 17/04/2017

Are you a mechanical technician with experience in components and prototyping of coating systems? Do you want to be part of an exciting international project and contribute to the development of CERN's unique vacuum infrastructure, one of the largest in the world with a total of 130 km of vacuum vessels. Join the Vacuum, Surfaces & Coatings Group! CERN, take part!

Open from 19/03/2017 to 15/10/2017

If you are looking for a postdoc postion in Theoretical Physics, and if you are not a national of a CERN member state (, this job may be for you.
Deadline for application : 15 October 2017 (23h59 CET)

Open from 17/03/2017 to 14/04/2017

Are you a skilled Economist, who takes pride in delivering first class service and paying attention to detail? Contribute your skills to CERN's Pension Fund investment team! Take part!

Open from 16/03/2017 to 14/09/2017

Scientific Associateships are open to established scientists wishing to work at CERN for up to one year while on leave of absence from their home institutes. Les contrats d'attachés scientifiques sont ouverts aux physiciens ou ingénieurs confirmés ayant le désir de travailler au CERN pour durée limitée (jusqu'à une année) en détachement de leur institut d'origine.

Open from 16/03/2017 to 04/09/2017

Have you recently graduated from university or an advanced technical institute? Are you interested in working for one or two years in an international environment at the forefront of research? In which case, you may be interested in CERN's Fellowship Programme. Within the Fellowship Programme, we have integrated a Graduate Engineering Training (GET) scheme for engineering graduates who are looking for professional experience in a wide range of engineering and technical fields.

Open from 10/03/2017 to 09/04/2017

Work with us to extend our data handling systems for the LHC physics programme and the whole of CERN.  CERN is the birthplace of the world wide web and one of the world leading laboratories for particle physics! Join CERN's Storage Group in the IT department as a storage specialist for a unique challenge as the next step in your career. CERN, take part!

Open from 10/03/2017 to 09/04/2017

Take an active role in the smooth running of compute intensive services for CERN. Provide the infrastructure and tools for analysis of the data from the Large Hadron Collider and other experiments. Take part!

Open from 09/03/2017 to 31/12/2017

Appointments outside of AFC. Usually on external funds and approved by Chairman.