"One of the greatest things about CERN is that it’s not just about the work that’s done here – it’s about the human aspect. The diversity – the human approach. Your challenge is not just the physics, it’s how you’re going to present it to your colleague who speaks a language you don’t know"


CERN has recently launched a Diversity Programme to promote awareness and adherence to diversity, one of the established values of the Organization.


CERN’s Diversity Programme is committed to

  • Promoting a workplace culture that acknowledges the added value of a diverse workforce and enables every member of its personnel to contribute to their full potential regardless of nationality, gender, age, profession, and individual differences of belief, opinion, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Assuring that these diversity principles are integrated into all organisational policies, procedures and practice.

Diverse people bring their unique qualities, different perspectives and creativity.


For more information concerning the programme please visite the Diversity-site or contact hr-diversity@cern.ch