Member States

As an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO), CERN is funded primarily through contributions from its twenty-two Member States, Associate Member States, and one Candidate for Accession to Membership.  Accordingly, as is standard for IGOs, CERN recruits its Staff Members, most of its Fellows and the participants in its Student Programmes from nationals of these countries.

The following 22 countries are Member States of CERN:
Austria Belgium Bulgaria the Czech Republic Denmark
Finland France Germany Greece Hungary
Israel Italy the Netherlands Norway Poland
Portugal the Slovak Republic Spain Sweden Switzerland
the United Kingdom Romania      

Staff members, Students and most Fellows recruited by CERN must be Member State nationals. A limited number of scientists from Non-Member State countries are accepted within the Associates and Fellows Programme.

Cyprus, India, Pakistan, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine are Associate Member States and therefore Cypriot, Indian, Pakistani, Serbian, Turkish and Ukrainian nationals are eligible to apply for Staff positions as well as Student, Associate and Fellow programmes.

You are considered by CERN to be a national if you have the passport of one of these countries. Marriage to a national or permanent residency does not, however, suffice.

If you are not a national of one of these countries, please note there are limited student or graduate opportunities available for which you may be eligible.


CERN Member States