What CERN is looking for

As a truly unique Organization, CERN seeks truly unique individuals to achieve its goals. With Excellence as a central value, we are looking for people who are motivated, have purpose, imagination, enjoy a challenge, show integrity, and love the quality of life on offer here. Whatever your field, your area of expertise or diploma level, CERN could be the place for you. Take part!

It is a common misconception that CERN only hires physicists and engineers but did you actually know that of the 2500 or-so staff members at CERN, only 3% are research physicists? The rest is a combination of technicians & engineers in a diversity of fields and a variety of support functions in the following categories:

  • Civil engineering
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Electromechanics
  • Information technologies
  • Materials science and surface engineering
  • Electricity
  • Controls and data acquisition
  • Health, safety and environment

And let us not forget, in:

  • Finance, procurement and logistics
  • Support and administration.

Posts are advertised on a regular basis in all these fields. Could you be the next to take part?