Radiofrequency Engineer

Are you passionate about radio-frequency electronics design and development? Are you skilled in high frequency design?  Are you motivated to improve the performances of the RF systems of the CERN accelerators? If you are eager to acquire new skills and willing to take an active part in a team of professionals facing design challenges, this is an opportunity for you. Take part!

Job Reference: BE-RF-FB-2016-76-LD
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Radiofrequency (RF) Engineer in the Beams department (BE), Radiofrequency group (RF), Feedbacks and Beam Control section (FB).


You will join the Radiofrequency group, part of the Beams department, responsible for the RF Acceleration and Transverse Damping Systems for CERN accelerators. Our team operates the RF systems of existing accelerators and participates to the design of future accelerators and upgrades to existing machines.




As a Radiofrequency Engineer in the RF Feedbacks and Beam Control section (FB) you will design and operate RF and synchronisation as well as feedback electronics up to the GHz frequency range for the acceleration and control of the proton and ion beams in the CERN accelerator complex.


Initially you will contribute to the synchronisation of three beams, a proton beam, electron beam and a LASER pulse interfacing CERN's Advanced proton driven Plasma Wakefield Experiment (AWAKE), with the accelerator complex and the design of the associated low-level RF (LLRF) system. This includes RF frequencies in the 100 to 6000 MHz range and requires precise amplitude and phase control of the signals. Functions will evolve to take on responsibility in different areas of the accelerator complex for the feedback and synchronisation systems required to stabilise and control the beams.


In particular, you will:


  • Design mixed signals electronic modules containing RF signals and a digital processing part.
  • Produce and manage specifications and the associated technical documentation.


As your knowledge of RF problematics at CERN grows you will participate in beam commissioning, operation, upgrade and maintenance of the beam control system of existing machines including the participation in an on call service and interventions during weekends, nights and public holidays.


After a period of familiarisation, you will: 


  • Follow-up the development of hardare by external industries and ensure collaborations with external research institutes.
  • Participate in projects within the RF group and nuture realtionships with users across CERN's community.


Qualification required


Master's degree in the field of Electronics Engineering with experience in high frequency design and techniques or PhD in Applied Physics with equivalent experience in radio frequency electronics design in the GHz frequency range, or equivalent.


Experience and competencies


The experience required for this post is:


  • Experience in the development of electronics based on field programmable logic devices (FPGA) would be an asset.


The technical competencies required for this post are:


  • Analog circuit design, modelling and simulation.
  • Analog circuit testing and measurement techniques.
  • Design of digital feedback loops.
  • Knowledge of Feedback Control Design.
  • Experience in the use of modern test instruments and RF instrumentation.


The behavioural competencies required for this post are:


  • Working in Teams: working well in groups and readily fitting into a team; participating fully and taking an active role in team activities.
  • Learning and sharing knowledge: keeping up-to-date with developments in own field of expertise and readily absorbing new information.
  • Achieving results: having a structured and organised approach towards work; being able to set priorities and plan tasks with results in mind; driving work/projects along and seeing them through to their conclusion.
  • Managing self: working well autonomously; taking on activities and tasks without prompting.


The language competencies required are:


  • Spoken and written English or French: ability to understand and speak the other language in professional contexts. Ability to draw-up technical specifications and/or scientific reports and to make oral presentations in at least one of the two languages.


Eligibility conditions


Employing a diverse and international workforce is a CERN core value and central to our success. We welcome applications from all Member States irrespective of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or personal situation.


This vacancy will be filled as soon as possible, and applications should normally reach us no later than 01.08.2016.


By applying here, you allow CERN to consider your application for any position it considers relevant with respect to your profile. Please ensure you update your profile regularly with any relevant information and that you inform the recruitment service if you wish your file to be removed from the database.


Note on Employment Conditions


We offer a limited-duration contract for a period of 5 years. Limited-duration contracts shall terminate by default on their date of expiry.
Subject to certain conditions, holders of limited-duration contracts may apply for an indefinite position.


These functions require:


  • Participation in a regular stand-by duty, including nights, Sundays and public holidays.
  • Work in Radiation Areas.
  • Interventions in underground installations.
  • A valid driving licence.


*Effective 1 September 2016, CERN will introduce a new career structure, the details of which shall be published in the Staff Rules and Regulations on that date.


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University Engineers
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Career Level
Grades 6-7 in the new career structure*
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Duration: 5 year(s)

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